Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? Mark 8:18

Got my bifocals today. They, thankfully, don't look like those above. That pair looks like they belonged to Ben Franklin, the inventor of the bifocal. Even with the no line progressive lenses I bought, I have to nod my head looking for the right part of the lens thru which to see the appropriate distance. It is awkward. I am not feeling it. But it did make me think about my vision, my perception of things.

Do you ever think you are right? I like to be right. I like to be right a lot. Ask my husband. I will search until I am confident in the answer. I don't mind if you can PROVE to me that you are actually right, either, because that means I will be right next time.

But this bifocal adventure makes me think about my own vision, my perception, my ideals.

Even in art class I used to wonder about you see like I see? Are the colors and shades and shapes the same thru my eyes as thru yours?

Is our perceptions of the world the actual truth?

As I gaze at the brush and trees along the road, I see flowers and leaves changing colors, the appearance of the change of seasons. My husband spots a deer I do not see. Is the deer really there?

Of course. My husband would not lie. He is a hunter and looks at things in a different way, a sharper way than I do as I take in the overall appearance. I am a broad brush strokes gal, and he is a detail oriented fellow. Neither wrong, just different perspectives.

I think about this because sometimes I am so anxious that I do not understand something, that I am not perceiving it correctly. I read. I study. I pray for wisdom.

I let myself off the hook.

Altho I desire to be "in the know," I rest in the fact that I have a God who is. He knows. I figure in some ways I am on a "need to know" basis.

I know He loves me. I know He wants good things for me. I know He wants to know me even more than I want to know Him. I know His vision is broader and deeper and farther and more complete than mine.

Without my glasses, I am blind. Without His vision, all is dark. Without His grace, I am lost.

BTW, these bifocals make me queasy and a little dizzy sometimes.


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