Armchair QB

This Sunday I worked so I didn't make it to hear a real live pastor, but I thought I would write what I am learning from the Pastor.

My small group was challenged to read Genesis, which is much better than being challenged to read Leviticus, but sometimes, if you have read something a few times, you just read what you thought you read before.  This time, thanks to a deal at Ollie's, I was able to listen to it on CD.

Of course, I was a bit distracted thinking, "Would God have a voice like that?" and "Sarai sounds a bit trifling," but once I threw those thoughts out to listen, I heard something new.

God chooses us.

Now, I had heard a message once where the pastor said, "God chooses us because we won't choose Him."  I suppose this is along those lines, but it is also this odd understanding.

Adam did nothing to be Adam.  He was dirt before God came around.  Abram was a nomadic idol worshipper, but God spoke to him anyway.  Noah, well, he was just hanging out in a wicked land and God took a liking to him.  Jacob was chosen altho the inheritance should've gone to the firstborn, Esau, and God used Jacob's mother's deceitfulness to set this up.

We can sometimes start this team picking in our head (or worse out loud).  Ok, he's in; he's one of us.  Oh, well, she's a little weak on this aspect of theology.  Let's see what happens there.  Ok, this one spoke in tongues!  Yeah!  Got another one.

That is just weird!  How do I presume to know who God is picking?  The Holy Spirit works on the inside.  How can I know what is really going on in a person's heart?

If you are reading this, I am sure you have also been chosen.  The question lies not in God choosing us, but in how we respond to His choice.  Do we find life like Adam?  Do we change everything like Abram?  Do we go out on a limb like Noah?  Do we lead a people like Jacob?  Or, do we do nothing and ask God to come back at a more convenient time?


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