Ugandan Mission

This bird is an African Crowned Crane.  It is the official bird of Uganda, on their flag and coat of arms, and the perfect picture to grace my posts about Uganda.  But, I get ahead of myself.

A dear friend has a daughter who wants to be a missionary nurse, and has for quite sometime altho she is only in high school.  I suppose we connected because I had wanted to be a missionary since Sunday school and the Lottie Moon offerings for overseas missionaries.  It wasn't until a college class recently that I found out Lottie Moon was a woman, however.  Somewhere between my own spiritual awakening and my friend's daughter's dreams, my own dreams have been rediscovered, this time with opportunity.

A group from church will be going to Uganda, inspired in part by Amazima.  I, too, have been touched by Katie's story, but I find this opportunity both intriguing and daunting.  To be able to serve with someone whose faith is so strong and special like Katie's would be an honor.  To travel around the world to serve in a medical mission would be fulfilment of a dream and quite an adventure.  And yet, both of these things also bring up the deepest self doubts.  What is my weak faith next to Katie's?  What have I ever done?  Why do I think I have anything to offer people around the world?  I can barely serve the community around me.  And then, the money...the money I would need to raise.  It could sponsor a single child for many years or many children a couple years.  Is it really responsible to spend it for a couple days in their country?

I don't know the answers to these things.  I do know, that altho I have set this idea of going to Uganda on the shelf, it seems to keep falling off the shelf.  I know that as I have sought the wisdom of others, they take the idea off the shelf and hand it back to me.  So, I guess I will see what God wants to do now.  I have some ideas for raising money.  I have had some offers from others to help me.  As I have done in other areas of my life when I know I cannot do it but maybe God can, if he wants to, I will just take steps to move in this direction. 

And, most of all, I will pray.  Please pray with me about this, dear friends.


Becky said…
I will....and be also praying you 'get to' go...
Valerie said…
I will pray that this "mission" becomes clear to you and to others of us who wish to venture to places they have never been.

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