Not feeling well today. Maybe I have caught the husband's cooties. Either way, I was lying on the couch watching TV, like any good unemployed person with cooties should, when I was struck in the head. No, not with a rock, but with a hope.

A Beautiful Mind is the story of the gifted mathematician, John Nash, who struggled with schizophrenia, specifically three particular delusions in the movie, but he learned how to ignore them. Not pretend they aren't there, but to step over them, walk around them.

Russel Crowe as Nash stated, "I still see things that are not here; I just choose not to acknowledge them."
Wouldn't we all be better off if this is how we lived our lives?

Makes me think about all the negative things we can accuse ourselves of in times of stress and fear.  I know there are voices that snicker and haunt, whispers of "You could never do that.  You aren't good enough/smart enough/young enough/old enough/talented enough..."  It seems this voice tries anything to get my focus off the Truth, to take my eyes away from Heaven's perspective.

Seriously, I really am not good enough/smart enough/young enough/old enough/talented enough...  But I can do "it"-whatever God puts in my path-because God is with me, makes up the difference between my meager portion and what is needed, and gives me his goodness, his understanding, his grace.  The question is whose voice I will listen to-my self doubt, or God's confidence?

"I still hear things that aren't true; I just choose not to acknowledge them today."


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