Christmas Services on Internet

The "official" statement is:

We will start at 7:58AM and the ONE HOUR service
will be replayed at the :58 minute mark of every hour.
In case you were wondering why we are doing this:
- To reach more people
- To give all our tremendous volunteers a day off
- To encourage families to watch the service together with friends, families and neighbors
- To give people a “taste of Victory” before they attend.
- To stay connected to the “tribe” even when we are all in different parts of the country
- Why not?

My personal take:

Long before I actually set foot in a church building, I felt this pull to the Divine.  I had no clue what it was and investigated many "paths to god."  If you are in that same place, what safer way to investigate church than in the privacy of your own home???  Give it a view.

Another reason to check it out is that you might be in the place I was a year or so back: looking for a church home.  These guys are a little nuts, especially that Children's Pastor, Vinnie DePaul, but they are also just crazy about Jesus.  Not too bad for a church, huh?

And maybe you are just far from home like my sister.  Here is your chance to watch Victory in action, not just listen on the WJTL!

Merry Christmas!  May you find the HOPE of this messy world!

Grace to All~


Jenn said…
Yah! I will be there :)

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