Prayers for Kate


I don't fast well.  I don't go to church well.  I am bitchy and stingy and prideful.  But I want to ask you...

There is this little girl.  She is beautiful, but very sick, and her parents are pleading.  Would you let her grow up, so maybe she could grow up to be as fallible and sinful as the rest of us?

What are the right words?  I know you CAN heal her-why don't you?  Wouldn't that mess with everyone's head, if you would heal hers and erase that cancer?  How much glory would come your way?

Or isn't it about miracles?

Is the healing not here?  Not for now?

If you don't answer our prayers the way we want, we just say that you heal a different way.  Is that our way of letting you off the hook?

You know I don't like to ask you for things.  I am afraid of being turned down, turned away.  Is my faith small, or just my concerns?  Because, this one, I would like you to hear...

I don't know, Father.  I don't have any answer, but I just want you to remember Kate, and Holly & Aaron.


Jaime said…
So, I can't deny, I am a little disappointed in you.

Her preliminary results are positive, for cancer.

Yes, I know, you have a plan.

Yes, I know without you there is no coming, no going, no inhales/exhales, no laughter...but what about the tears?

Yes, one day...but what about now?

What about all those hurt, struggling and tired...

Where are you? Why won't you show up?

How does our suffering bring you glory when the world merely thinks we are deluded?

I don't know, probably don't need to know, probably couldn't. Guess I will just leave it up to you.

It is anyway.

But, be near. Be near those grieving, the lonely, the ones who can't get a break, the struggling.

If you can't, or won't fix it all, just don't let us alone with it.

Be near.
David said…
Hi Jaime,

Praying along with you for Kate and family!


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