My husband and I like to take adventures.  Some might call them vacations, but I don't relax easily (just ask my husband who has been trying to teach me how for 20 years).  I prefer to think of them as adventures because we never truly know what will happen and that is ok with us.  Last week, we went to Massachusetts, where I was born, to go whale watching.  We stayed in a small beach community and had some great seafood.

The real adventure was trying to get back from Boston that first day.  The roads were tricky, to say the least, but the problem was that the GPS lady would lose us in a tunnel, we would make a decision, the wrong one, and then she would re-route us to another tunnel where, you guessed it, we would make another wrong decision.

Kind of like life can be.  We think we have a plan, move ahead with it, then something unexpected comes up-a loss, a hurt-and we make a poor choice.  We lose our way.  Many times it is difficult to find our way again.

That is how I have been feeling lately: uncertain, frustrated, lost, not sure which way to go, suspicious of trusting my own instincts.  Wish the GPS lady would just recalculate and point me in the direction home.

Despite touring some of Boston's neighborhoods by accident on the way home from the aquarium, my husband was brave enough to try again the next day.  We went back to Boston and got on a boat to see some whales.  The grace of those large animals gliding through the water still captivates me.  I also found out how much I love the water and the pitch of the boat.  Seeing the sky meet the water uninhibited by land made me think of God creating things, how good it was then and now.  On the water, the world felt right.  Getting back to land, the human chaos was overwhelming.

But we didn't get lost going back that time.

Hope I find my way soon, as well.


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