Blog Carnival-Seasons

It was all so much simpler in my spring.  I suppose it is for everyone. 
That is why babies and puppies and newness are squealed over. 

I have been struggling.  Spring has long gone.  The leaves are falling.
I loved what I had, what once defined me.
Without it now, I feel like a crab without a shell-
                                          dry in spirit.

I know, that all is not lost.
I know, things change.
I know, that God,
             who brought me from there to there once,
             will bring me from here to there again.
I know, the story is not over.
I know, the season will change, again.

I wish my heart knew all this as well.

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Lisa notes... said…
I can relate. I've seen lots of changes around me in the past year and a half, some good and many not good. But as you say, all is not lost. Things change and God (who never changes) will make all things new and right again in his time. I look forward to that.
Cris Ferreira said…
Beautiful poem!
Since we are born, every major change in our life is traumatic (birth itself is very very traumatic, it's good that we don't remember it). But then, after a while, we realize that it was just the beginning of something better.
katdish said…
Confident God will lead you through this season and towards a new spring.
floyd said…
Excellent post. I feel the emotions of your heart, God will provide, you will be blessed. Beautiful words...
A Joyful Noise said…
When thing appear hopeless, the God of ALL Hope will bring you into a new season that will outshine the past!

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