a month of gratitude:

Being the month that American's celebrate Thanksgiving, I have hijacked November into being my own "a month of gratitude updates" on Facebook. I have had to laugh as different people have asked me what that "this month of gratitude thing is about" or as I watch people figure it out.  I would like to practice gratitude as a lifestyle this month.

It is such a simple, and stupid, idea really, but as I have learned about extreme poverty globally, I have become more aware of everything I really do have.  While what I own and my priorities have changed over my life, and may still change, there is always something to be grateful for, even if it is that I am just sucking air at that moment or that there is air to suck or that it has been over 8 weeks since my last cigarette or that I am sick and those white blood cells that are making all the snot that clogs my head is actually taking care of the germs that are attacking my body (ok, so that one is long and personal, but that is where I am today).

I have so much to be grateful about!

While it is only the 5th day of the month, this practice of gratitude has been relieving me of some of the insanity that usually permeates my life.  Traffic.  Cold weather.  Cold symptoms.  Grumpy husband.  Grumpy me.  I have been able to find positives where I would stay focuses on my need or discomfort.  We'll see how that pans out for the rest of the month.

For now, I am grateful for a bed to go back to.


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