My name is Jaime and I am....

a snarky Christian.

Yeah, I wish it weren't this way.  I wish I could jump on the band wagons to boycott stores that don't express appropriate holiday cheer or threaten advertisers during TV shows that don't match my agenda.  I wish I could claim that the founding fathers of this country actually shared my belief system with a straight face. 

Unfortunately, I find no joy in pointing a finger at you.  It neither elevates me nor creates space for discussion between us.  Instead, I feel superior and you know that I am a jerk.  Yippee.

While many people can say that society is falling apart, I would counter with a request that they assess their age and the opinion of their parents at that same age.  If you have a Christian point of view, it is hopefully no surprise to you that this world is broken.  However, I would also hope that you know where you can place your faith. (And frankly, I find plenty of places where God is at work thru His people.  That gives me hope!)

It should not be in Christianizing this country or carrying on that it is no longer "One nation under God."  Really, whether any person wants to admit that there is a God is irrelevant.  We are just a corrupt nation of sinners under God.  But, hey, we always were!

I don't want to belong to a club which pouts that the world is "going to hell in a handbasket." (Like duh, anyway.)  I cannot help believing in Jesus.  Sucks to be me that I am saddled with some of you.

Ok, well, I feel better for getting that off my chest.  It is good to be here tonite, and I guess I will just have to keep coming back.  Thanks for letting me share.


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