100 Happy Days

Everyone is in search of happiness, aren't they? Isn't it one of our founding ideals as Americans: "The Pursuit of Happiness?" 

But it isn't as easy as the founding fathers made it sound. It would seem that the "pursuit of covetousness" or the "hunt for depression" or the "search for more" might be more appropriate titles for the so-called "American Dream." 

On Facebook about a week ago, I saw a friend state that she was going to take the "100 Happy Days Challenge." I thought it was a little silly and just one more thing that I didn't need to stress over. 

I would simply like to be content for 100 days in a row. Happiness is fleeting and not a thing easily grasped. I closed the web page and figured I would think nothing more of it.  Instead though, the next day, I decided I would try.

It seems that if anyone should be happy, it should be those who profess belief in Jesus as their Savior. Especially American Christians who don't suffer persecution and have houses that don't leak and jobs that offer health insurance and paid days off.

Why is it so difficult to give ourselves permission to be happy then? Could it be what we focus on? Could it be as simple as what the words from Philippians say?

Well, that is why I decided to take the challenge-to make sure that I have my focus where it belongs, where it is helpful for me and where it glorifies my God. You can follow me on Instagram @jaime_here or take the challenge yourself at http://100happydays.com.


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