Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Busy? You Bet!

I am busy. I feel the weight of my schedule sometimes, and I sigh. Others tell me to say no to this or create find balance.

What is that? Ever since those blood clots, my life has been full-on-don't-miss-a-moment. Why? Well, I think it is because I am going to die.

I don't have cancer or some disease that I know the progression and how it will kill me. But I am terminal. Simply because I am alive. 

I don't want to miss anything. My husband says I am nosy. I want to get as many experiences as I can. One day none of this will be around. One day the laughter and hugs and learning will be done. Yes, I believe there is something after all this. Yes, I believe that what is to come will be indescribable. But...there is only so much time here. I plan to squeeze every last moment from it.

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