We have seen the Light

Light. It peeks thru the curtains. Stirs us from our slumbers. Illuminates the path. Shows us the cobwebs. Allows us to recognize darkness. Before Christ, we knew only darkness and stumbling. Our spirits were asleep for we had nothing to awaken us. We were stagnant, unmoving, because we had no where to go. We had no sense of clean and not because we did not know where the filth gathered. We were blind, though we were not aware of our blindness.

Now, not only have we seen the Light, the Light resides within us. How our countenance is changed. Our faces now radiate Love!

"To whom shall we go," is no longer a whimper of fear and despair, but a joyous cry. Father, what would you like me to do today? How can I bring you glory today? With whom would you like me to share this Light?


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