Selfish Whining.

(Gabby, my whiny monkey girl...)

My dogs are whining behind me as I write.  I feel the same way. 

I am waiting and whining for His attention.

I am waiting and whining for something to change.

I am waiting and whining for a break.

My husband thinks that they whine because I spoiled them.

Perhaps, but I think they call to their mother who they know loves them and cares for them and meets their needs.

And so I also wait and whine, for God.

A voice of shame accuses: "You have so much already.  You have no right to expect more."  But I do.  I do because I know my Father loves me and cares for me and meets my needs...all of them...not just the ones that you tell me are acceptable.

Another voice demands me to be quiet: "You are being disciplined.  You cannot expect more."  But I do.  I do because I don't discipline those I love by being absent or neglecting them in their fear and pain.  Neither does my Father.

I know that I cannot make them wait any longer.  My blood pressure rises with MY need to assist them in THEIR need.  My heart is with them and my mind becomes distracted by their calling.

And I am hoping my Father comes to my aid soon as well.


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