"To believe we are totally and eternally debt free is seldom easy....As a result, many are forgiven only a little, not because the grace of the king is limited, but because the faith of the sinner is small."
~Max Lucado, In the Grip of Grace (1996)
~It is hard to be forgiven. We want to be right, not in need of forgiveness. We want to be accepted, not despite or in spite of something. Our pride doesn't want us to consider where we may have caused harm, even unintentional. Our pride says, they don't really understand, or, they were never really your friend. Our pride says, they are making a mountain out of a molehill; it wasn't that bad.
~But how bad is bad enough? It would seem that any crack in a relationship requires mending before more broken-ness and crumbling occurs. Still, we just dismiss it and mumble, they'll get over it.
~The other side is the mender, the King who wants to forgive. It is hurtful to have your attempts to forgive and mend the rifts brushed off by another's pride. I know how much I have been forgiven, and to that grace, there is the instruction to pass it on. Because of my shortcomings, I have compassion for those who hurt me. I have hurt others and been forgiven and so I seek to forgive when I am hurt, yet some will not receive. I seek to mend, but some turn me away.
~Mine are only human attachments, but it sort of makes me sad for God.


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