In the Beginning....

So, for whatever reason, the story of Creation has been the topic of discussion for my household this week: which was the sin-disobeying or turning away? Which sin was the key to banishment-eating or hiding? And on as we twisted and turned and gnawed on this passage.

Many people might ask why this would be such a big deal. I suppose it isn't, but we have been integrating our 12 step recovery background in a new way with our Christian faith. See, as recovering persons, we see the disease of addiction as being our primary affliction. As Christians, we understand the sinful nature as being the source of our pain. I would, meekly, offer that they seem to look very similar to me.

I am not turning my back on the disease of addiction (DOA) theory, but rather I consider it an expansion of that theory. See, the creation story relates the introduction of sin and death into human history. If any human beings had EVERYTHING, it was Adam and Eve. And yet, and yet, they turned away from it to seek SELF-satisfaction. Sounds like addicts to me. And, what causes death? Sure there are those occasional wham-o "natural causes," but overall, the reason is DISEASE. Do you see where I am getting at? The disease of addiction is not an addict problem-it is a human problem. We try to find our own answers, our own source, our own wholeness. It simply isn't possible outside of the Source.
Ok, so here is where I am at the moment, and I reserve the right to learn more and change this idea:
sinful nature->disease of addiction
strongholds of sin->character defects
Altho I know lots of people in recovery shudder at the notion that they could be sinful, and they shudder not out of denial but out of just seems easier to ignore that to admit in that way...less humbling, less shaming, less action required, the idea of sin and disease runs parallel for me right now. Being an addict isn't MORE shameful or MORE sinful. I think that we take it on like that because of how we feel about ourselves, but the truth is that sinfulness is really more of a pass/fail and black/white thing. God is perfect and I am not, and neither is any of my kind. The sins may be different, but the path to being forgiven and made whole is the same. Jesus didn't come for everyone EXCEPT the drug addict. He didn't come to save everyone EXCEPT the sex addict. He didn't come for everyone EXCEPT the critical spirit. We are all called by the same loving Higher Power to come to Him for rest. Our disease does not need to be the driving force in our lives, driving us into insanity and chaos.
Anyway, all is well. We screw up and God still loves and calls to us. The key is to answer the call and seek Him. That was my "In the Beginning..."


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