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About six years ago, I was sitting with my then four-year old son watching TV. On the screen they showed one of the recently captured terrorist. His hair was ruffled, his eyes were puffy, and he looked like an overall wreck. To me, he looked like he was breathing, so he looked like he was doing too well. My four-year old on the other hand, he asks, "Do you think that man knows that God loves him?"
Wow. I remember thinking back then how awesome it was that God can speak directly to your heart through your own child. I'd like to say that I've been praying for terrorists for the past six years but that would be a lie. My epiphany on loving my enemies lasted all of a day or two. How can I love someone that would kill innocent women and children?
How can I love someone, that if I was ever in the wrong place, at the wrong time, they would kill me and my family because I'm an American or because I worship Jesus and not Allah? How could God ask me to do that?
I guess maybe...because the cross is bigger than their sin...and without the sin is just as great.

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