Well, I came home smelling like steak-umms and knowing, again, that I have an amazing God.

Today Terry and I went to have dinner with some friends we did not know. A friend I do know, Kelly, invited us. The friends we did not know are a group of individuals from a community called Mosaic.

The food was good, but the familiarity was the most intriguing part of the night. There was never a really awkward moment. Well, except my sciatica made it uncomfortable to sit. That doesn't count, tho.

Nick explained the community as being made up of broken people who God puts together to create a beautiful piece of art. Broken people have a bit of difficulty usually in accepting that there is any beauty around them, let alone that they are a piece of it. And maybe that is the what makes this attractive. You just belong when you want to. There is no class or pledge. Certainly the goal is for you to know Jesus, but no one is holding anyone hostage until they make a decision. They merely come alongside one another, do life together, love each other.

Weird part was when hubby and I had to leave, Nick practically jumps over the table to ask if there is anything they could do for us. I always get very uncomfortable when Christians do that. What I should respond with, what I think of afterward is:feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, rest the weary, free the oppressed. After that you can worry about me. But instead, I mumbled, as I do everytime, "Nah, we are good. I am pretty self sufficient, anyway." And the moment it is out of my mouth, I hear the Spirit going, "Uh, huh. That is what got you into this mess."

Well, I still don't know what they could do for me. I frankly don't know that I need anything. But I will go back for dinner next Wednesday. And maybe the next one after that. Maybe what I need is community.


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