So, if you have read my blog for a minute, you should be able to read that I am in love with grace. I just am in awe. I am also dense sometimes.

When I started this...whatever it is...I was reading this book, All is Grace. I picked it for its title because, well, I am a fan of grace. Anyway, it was so relevant and joyous. I didn't know this author but since I came from more of a Catholic tradition, I figured I would just google him. To my surprise, dude was OLD! He lived in like the 1830-1890s. Not even old, long dead.

Makes me think about what the word "relevant" means. Sure, I prefer a more contemporary style music. I like going to church in jeans since I am supposed to be with God everyday, what does getting dressed up for 2 hours on Sunday mean? I believe in caring for Jesus in the poor-clothing, feeding, sheltering. But, Spurgeon probably never went to church in jeans. He looks a little dusty really. And what is with those whiskers? He had a mega church. Do those things change hearts tho?

Relevant defines something that touches me, that means something to me, that is of value. We talk about making the Gospel more relevant to people. Will that really happen? Of course the Gospel is valuable, but it hasn't changed. Something inside me changed, my heart softened and was able to respond so that I could finally hear this Good News.

I am skeptical. Sure, I pray that God reaches our missing brothers and sisters and touches their hearts, but I wonder how much is OUR packaging and how much is just the Holy Spirit doing what only the Holy Spirit can do.


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