You know, I am just so grateful for God in my life. And not just being in my life, but being in the lives of people I care about. I am so grateful that God continues in redeeming us. At the Turkeython was a woman I used to sponsor, came up from Virginia just to see us, who had relapsed and fallen apart 2 years ago. I wept over her. I felt so frustrated and lost myself when she "went out." Now, today, she was showing me pictures of her kids. I met her husband. She is smiling and happy. And I cried on the way home, thanking God for watching out for her when I had no choice but to place her in His care. She is so alive.

And thru the tears, I felt bad for God. As much relief as I felt tonight, I remember the worry and the tears and the prayers and the questions of those last nights that she was in my life. I only have a small group of women that God has placed in my care. You might pastor hundreds, teach 30, or mother 3. But God has all of us. Can you imagine how crazy you would be if you even had double the amount of souls to care for that you do right now???

So, as I am grateful that He cares for my friends and me, I am also just grateful that He is, that God is God, that I don't have to care for this whole big world but can instead rest in my Father's care tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving! Find something to be thankful about and tell someone you are thankful for!


Diana said…
Hey sistah - Happy Thanksgiving and may the Lord continue to bless you as you seek to do His will with all of your heart. You are an inspiration and an example to so many and I am only one of those people! I thank our great God for you today.

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