I gotta rant.

A woman recently asked a pastor, "How do we make the church more welcoming to broken people so that we can attract visitors?"

I wanted to scream. I wanted to throw something at her. I wanted to rip the microphone out of his hand and address her.

Instead, I kept my hands to myself and took a deep breath, praying for forgiveness for myself as well as wisdom for this sister, and for all of His church.

Why do we expect pastors to have all the answers? When did the church relinquish its birthright as a priestly people for the bland soup of attendance? Who sold us the idea of needing to market our beliefs rather than live them so that the world is curious about, hopeful in, the difference?

The church is no more or less welcoming then we, the church, are welcoming and loving. We, the believers, are the church, not the brick and dry wall structure. There is nothing more empty than an old abandoned church building. It has no soul because the true Church has left. The edifice is nothing but a discarded shell.

We are the Body of Christ. We are His arms to embrace the hurting. We are His feet to go find the lost. We are His hands to apply pressure on hemorrhages of this world. We are His heart to love this world. We should shed His tears over the broken and the hard of heart.

If we truly acted as the church, responded as the Body of Christ, we would have no problem with attracting the lost. We know God. And we have His power to change lives.


Peter P said…
Great post!

I think that lady needs a visit from the extreme makeover: Church edition team!
Got that right! Just like the power of the church's worship comes from the power of each individual's worship - not the power of the leader's worship. It falls on each person every day to make the church appealing!
Becky said…
We ask because we need to hear that over and over and over and over........
katdish said…
Okay...I was going to make this comment on your other post, but this just confirms what I suspected. You and I are on very similar paths. All I can say is Amen, sister!

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