I don't understand. You say you knit us together in our mothers' wombs, that you knew us before we were born...

Did you knit her together? Did your stitches slip? Father, where were you?

As I wait for my grand daughter's birth. the news of this other baby, the loss of her, it is particularly heart breaking. She wanted a girl for so long. But the girl you gave her was only for a flicker of time.

How can I ask you to watch over my grand daughter? Did you watch over her child? Was it just a genetic chance?

As her mother grieves, please hold her, comfort her, help her to feel your tears. More than the evil that hounds us, we fear you being indifferent, stepping over our messy lives, stepping out of them. Do not leave us here like this.


Becky said…
You just can you know...ask Him....praying for all of you....
Anonymous said…
prayers and hugs for the family and wonder myself at God's plan.

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