Amazing God

My husband was driving today, and I was humming a worship song from earlier this morning when it occurred to me. The God I worship and talk with and long to see is the freaking God of the Universe, the Creator of EVERYTHING, the Sustainer of EVERYTHING, the Infinite, the Redeemer, the first Lover. Isn't that just astounding?! That same amazing God wants love me, protect me, to know me, to be my Love! I am His daughter, the daughter of the Creator.
And then I think about how I whine, "Where is He?" I want Him to hang out like He is my dog, just for me, for my pleasure. How selfish and presumptuous! Ugh! Self-centeredness creeps in so silently that I don't even see how I am no longer serving God, but expecting Him to serve me...


Anonymous said…
Hey Jaime he is hanging out with you inside of you. (The Holy Spirit ) His grace and peace is the evidence!! Feels just like a dog licking your face :-) lol.. Love you, C
Becky said…
and there it is again the Holy Him....good luck on the 23rd...what JOY

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