Touchdown Prayers

I was watching Sports Center this morning with my husband and one of the clips showed a player entering the end zone giving props to God. I think that is interesting. Kind of weird for a game, but then I thought, "Shouldn't we be giving props to God for all our touchdowns?"

What are my touchdowns? Of course, there was a new baby born into our family this week: touchdown with lots of prayers, before, during, after, and since. That one is obvious, but what about in my job, since I am not a professional football player? Do I give props to God for an accurate assessment that catches a problem? What about being able to offer support and spiritual guidance?

I admit I forget. I don't just forget, I forget to give the credit to Whom it is due. Somewhere it gets twisted in my brain, lost in the hustle of life, and I begin to think that I am that amazing, that I have an awesome set of skills. Of course, where did I get those skills, those instincts, those gifts?

Notre Dame's "Touchdown Jesus"


Anonymous said…
Yup I am totally aware of my constant need to give credit where credit is due. Our gifts and abilities come from the blueprint he layed out and bestowed upon us, by HIS hands.
It also takes work, faith and persistence to live for God. To stay awake and aware of his lessons and plans to use those gifts Soooooooooooo I allow myself kudos for that!!! :) I am very human!!!

Hugs Jamie.. me
Diana said…
I love this post and it resonates completely with where I'm at right now.


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