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The Hole in Our Gospel asserts that the Gospel message of salvation is not simply to have a nice retirement home in the after-life, but to actually bring the kingdom of God to earth, as the transformational people that Jesus intended us to be through caring for the poor, the sick, the hungry, the naked.

Rich Stearns, a successful businessman living the American dream, becomes a very reluctant president of World Vision. Having been a Christian since college, he has tried to be a "good" Christian, giving money to charity, tithing, honest business practices, but in his new position he finds that his understanding of what being a disciple of Jesus means is challenged. In his book, Mr. Stearns clearly describes his own journey into becoming "radioactive" and also the plight of most inhabitants of this planet.

Although the book is an easy read, it will challenge you to consider how you live the Gospel message. In fact, I believe the book may appall you. To know, and I did not before I read the book, that $1 can provide a person with clean drinking water for a year is stunning, and convicting. Why aren't we doing more? Why isn't the church doing more? I do not believe we can fix everything, but certainly we could get people access to clean water.

This is a book every American Christian should read.


eaglegirl said…
There are churches that are doing just that. One I know of has drilled wells in Nigeria.
And they help the poor in their own area in practical ways with things like food and clothing pantry, job training, etc.
There is so much more that needs to be done. I wonder if people like Bono and Oprah have done more than the church to help the impoverished countries ?

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