Pondering prayer

I don't know how to pray. Well, I was actually praying this, or at least telling this to God today. What is prayer anyway? People say, "Just talk to God," but I have no idea what I would say if this God of the universe showed up in my bedroom. Doesn't it say somewhere that His voice is like thunder? A sword is coming out of His mouth? His eyes are like fire? What do you say to a Being that speaks and a world is created?

I have read books and listened to podcasts on prayer. Some discussed just sitting with God, as we really have nothing to offer. Others have suggested talking to Him as a friend. Still others have tried to sell me a "name it and claim it" mentality. One this week contrasted prayer to an infants cry-a natural response to need.

What if I believed God was really going to answer...do I pray like that? Would I pester Him about trivial things like helping me to remember things for a test? Does that kind of stuff really matter? I admit I am glad He doesn't just do everything for which I pray.

And if the Bible is right about God, which I am inclined to believe, shouldn't I be a bit, not terrified, but certainly awed and humbled that He would listen to me? That He would want me to approach Him as His daughter? But then, maybe this is a piece of the puzzle, children are not put off by formality and status.

I know I wrote a whole series on prayer a while back, but I was lying in bed this morning thinking all over again, "Father, I don't know how to pray." So then I just did nothing, but lie there, thinking about Him, letting the enormity of Him envelope the little-ness of me.


eaglegirl said…
I like what you said about just thinking about Him and His enormity. It is good to do that, to focus on Him, giving worship unto our God.
I know I don't do that enough. When I do, I tell Him that I am not going to ask for anything, just be with Him and think on Him.
It is so easy for me to ask. Asking is o.k., we are told to ask, seek and knock.
Parents are so accustomed to their children always asking for things, that it is such a pleasure when they just want 'to be with you'.
Maybe God feels that way too. Although as I said I am all for prayer also.
You may have heard the acroynm P.R.A.Y.
Praise- (thanks and worship)
Ask-for others
You- ask for yourself
There is no set way, but I find myself better off by listening to a praise/worshp song first, to better focus on the Lord, then praying and reading some word. It does not always happen that way, but for me it seems the most complete.

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