Where are we going?

Do you ever wonder?

Last night as I gathered with my dear friends, one has been to her grandfather's funeral, another one is experiencing the death of a relationship, we are all struggling to adjust changes within our church. Things are not as we expected. The road up ahead is foggy and visibility is poor. We are moving slow, cautious and apprehensive, worried we will make a wrong turn.

The odd part is that we never know what is up ahead, but sometimes we are more bothered by it. The only thing that has changed, tho, is our perspective. If things happen that are hurtful or create fear, we suddenly worry about what the future holds because there must be more hurtful and dangerous things ahead, we reason. However, if we are having a good time and life is calm with pleasant surprises, we are excited at what the future holds. We do not worry about God's plans because we trust they must also be good.

Thankfully, Father is not like us, fickle and changing. Altho it is difficult to understand thru tears, He stands apart. Even writing, I cannot find the words for it. Still I know that in trusting in His steady nature and His agenda, only there can I rest. There is no rest apart from it. Only restless waves of emotions and paranoia.

Father, into Your hands we leave our hearts and spirits.
Continue to show us Your mercy.


Melissa Dyvonne said…
Beautifully put, Jaimie.

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