Armchair QB

This Sunday we went home to hang out with family and friends; we went to church.  The message, Real Frienship, was rooted in Proverbs 27.

George's first comment was, "What if the EFFECTIVENESS of my life is related to the QUALITY OF MY RELATIONSHIPS/FRIENDSHIPS?"   He proceeded to talking about two of the barriers to real friendships: our busy, cluttered schedules and the nature of friendship.

I want to talk about how this relates to Facebook.

I am an active FB'er.  But did you know that there are more than 300 million active users and that 50% of their active users (returned to the site in the last 30 days) log on to Facebook in any given day and that the average user has 130 friends on the site?  All this information was obtained from the FB site so you can check it out yourself .

I have 251 friends.  Of my FB friends, my mom has the fewest with 16, but one of my friends has 1,101!

One of my friends, tho he is more of an aquaintance from a church we visited, made a very wise comment on FB.  He decided he was going to block the more casual friends so that he could actually "hear" those he wanted to read, those individuals he really cared to be deeply connected with.

Between goofy quizzes and mind numbing game stats, my friends can become hidden in the jumble of information that is FB.  Even the number of friends listed can be confusing.  I have 251 connections.  I have family, work friends, church friends, high school friends...but then I have people I went to high school with tho I barely knew them then, and people that go to the same church altho I have not seen them lately nor do I even have their phone number, and people from work who befriended me to raise their stats but they don't interact with me, or me with them.  Weird.  We used to want the latest car, the coolest TV, the hippest we want to collect FB friends like Pokemon?!?

My life is full.  Once upon a time, it was so small that I actually prayed that God might send me a friend.  Today, I sometimes have coffee dates schedule weeks ahead like I am a dentist with a full appointment book!  Do I use my time wisely in investing in those relationships that really have a piece of my heart, tho, or do I spend time in activities with people to fulfill the world's ideal of Mom, Wife, Student, Friend, Daughter, Nurse...?  Do I invest, consistently and sacrificially, in my most cherished relationships?  I would have to be honest and admit I am not certain that I do, but I am certain that I want to change that!

How tragic to make decisions not based on the lesser evil but instead try to choose from goodnesses!

Father, lead me to Your Good!  Guide me as I make relationship choices in how to invest my time so that those choices might reflect You. 


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