I haven't been posting much.  Really haven't known what to say.  Armchair QB is tired.  Blog Carnival has been throwing out difficult words.  Happenings in Haiti make me wonder whether Uganda Mission will happen, or should happen.  That leaves me with a blog that beckons and nothing to say.

My thoughts have been focused on community lately.  For those who are unaware, we left our home church due to distance to try to find a more local community.  My husband and kids have succeeded.  I continue to struggle.  I want them to connect, to be comfortable.  And they are.  I am having the trouble.  I text my community while I am in this church an hour away, because I know they will hear me and because if we were sitting beside each other, a hug, a smile, a quick word, or just watching the other worship is all I need to know that God is among us.  Our home church is no longer home, and while that validates the journey, it does not calm the ache.  I know my church is where my community is, and often that is every other Tuesday evening.  I long for that community in Acts.

While I do not know where I am going, I will continue.  One morning I might just find something to write about as well.


Dave Hyatt said…
hey Jaime...there is a creational longing thing that goes on too. The great (even good) fellowship we have here points us backwards to what was lost in the garden and forward to what we'll regain at the renewal of all things.

You guys are missed...but I pray you find great connections where you are!!

Dave H
Jaime said…
Thanks Dave.

I agree that this sadness just reminds me of how things are not how they were intended nor how they will be forever.

Miss you and Kay. Tell her I said hello!

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