New Year's Resolutions?

Happy New Year to all my blog buddies!

Most years I resolve NOT to have New Year's Resolutions.  Doesn't seem right to set myself up for failure, but out of my rebellious, adventurous spirit, this year I am making some count.

1) I want to count my blessings more than my frustrations, even if I hear the frustrations rise up first.

2) I want to count points/calories to become a wee bit healthier.

3) I want to count steps, mostly baby steps, as I attempt to exercise into a wee bit healthier self.  Not up to a running club yet.  Maybe next year, Janet. 

4) I also want to be daring and try things that make those moments, that make life count.  Like those weird pickle wrapped things that Valerie makes.  Wouldn't have been New Years if they weren't there.  And going to Uganda.  And getting started on that writing project that is taking shape in the back of my brain.

Ok, altho I want things to "count," I am not going to do this huge, crazy list.  I am not disciplined enough to be that resolute.  But wouldn't it be really amazing to know that your life counted?  That you just weren't existing until you weren't any longer but that you were really making a difference, a dent in this world?  That is the life I want to have, even if it starts by just counting a few things this year.

Any resolutions you are making this year?


Valerie said…
You did not share this stuff at our small group!!! I do soooo want to count as well!1

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