Carnival: Goodness

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Goodness is....

inhaling deeply the aroma of a sleeping baby.

taking a nap with a snoring dog.

belly laughs.

a good friend who doesn't mind snot on their shoulder while they embrace you and your sobbing.

the first budding bulbs announcing spring really is on its way.

those little hints God leaves to remind you he is near.

the smell of banana bread baking while you catch up with friends.

thousands of voices singing praise, acapella.

unexpected tweets from someone who loves you when you feel alone.

the sound of a gentle rainshower.

a husband who rubs my head when the tylenol won't work.

flip flops with a new pedicure.

bouncy hair after a fresh cut.

wrestling with the dog that loves you too much to bite, but also too much not to nibble on you.

sun that arrives, warming your skin after gloomy days.

loving your spouse more, 18 years later, than the infatuation of engagement.

how God changes lives.

how bottoms are really beginnings in disguise.

being so loved you never have enough time for all the lunch dates, coffee dates, or phone calls that you would like.

that the world is larger and smaller than I imagined as a child.

needing to, being able to, wanting to, and being wanted to, take care of my sick husband.

For all You have given,
For all You have withheld,
For all You have withdrawn,
For all You have permitted,
For all You have prevented,
For all You have forgiven me,
For all You have prepared for me,
For the death You have chosen for me,
For the place you are keeping for me in heaven,
For having created me to love You for eternity,
Thank You God.
You are goodness.


Glynn said…
It's not so much a thing as -- you know it when you experience it. Good post.
S. Etole said…
great list and closing ...
Goodness is something you can see and feel, loved the way you portrayed goodness, and by the way I love the song.
Anonymous said…
Love everything about this! I can relate to so many of the things you listed... and the closing was beautiful!

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Had an awesome experience yesterday at work on the Peds ICU Jaime

After report we huddled together and the charge nurse said a prayer for us for strength for those we were caring for. The Dr.s for skilled hands and for all the cute little patients. What an empowering way to start your 12 hour shift. I have only had one other time in my career that happened in 20 years. Cool Stuff working with so many others right now that know that amidst all the medicine and technology it is GOD not us who is in charge. Just wanted to share that today Jaime. Very sad place but God so present it is awesome to be a part of his plan.

Thanks for blog listening Love forever friend!!!!



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