Is it over?

So for those of you unlucky folks that follow both my blog & me on Facebook, you know that I have been posting "a month of gratitude" snippets as my status for the month of November because this is the month that Americans celebrate being grateful.  I have to admit, what I have been looking forward to celebrating for the last week or so: the "end" of focusing on Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent this Sunday. 

I really like the liturgical season of Advent.  There is something so appropriate about waiting for the Light of the world in the darkest days of our year.  And not just waiting, but preparing.  Today, while part of me would like to be out amidst the "Black Friday" shopping frenzy because I like 1) great deals 2) shopping and 3) chaos, I have chosen to remain at home.  I don't really want to start off this season in chaos but in contemplation. 

As I make room for the Advent wreath, I am reminded of the journey ahead, that this was a process of redemption set in motion long before, that I am silly to have my heart set on instant santification.  I have been told many times that I am impatient.  So many times actually, that I no longer bristle at the idea but instead smile and thank God (and the person) for the reminder.  When I am not charging ahead, I do enjoy journeys.  There is so much to see and explore when we move slowly, when I can be at peace knowing the destination will show itself at the right time but for now, I am where I am supposed to be.

As I make lists and ideas for upcoming celebrations, I take the time to thank God for the people he chose to place in my life.  Many are individuals that I would not expect to befriend or have come from places and mindsets that were foreign to me.  Today, my heart swells with love and pride when I consider each of them.  I pray for their journey and their struggle.  I consider how I might be able to bless them.

And I read.  Want to know how weird I am?  I read the geneaologies (here and here)!  I remember when I was bored-to-tears, seriously, with that list of unpronouncable names.  Now I just make up the sounds if I want, but I also go back and read some of the stories that were connected with those names.  Again, I look at the process, how the plan of redemption and the relentless love of God was revealed over the generations.  I am reminded that I am a part of this story as well, just a part.

The gratitude continues.

a month of gratitude:
so thankful for Jesus,
so thankful that He found me,
so thankful that He is still looking


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