Messy life, messy prayers

This was my Facebook status the other morning.

I woke to some nice Christian, I suppose since I don't know him, asking what my burdens were and asking me to take them to Jesus, or email them to him and he would be kind enough to intercede for me.

Yeah, if you know me, that is not a first date sort of message. Like not even dating. We need to be at least engaged before you try getting that intimate and I won't be honest about any requests unless I am married. Just a thing about me.

So I go outside and the truck is dead. It just seems to be pouring lately in my life. Nothing is easily accomplished. My twisted spine makes walking more difficult. Christmas is complicated by the need for the security of a new job. Both the holidays and the job and the truck and the pain strain my relationships. 

Going back into the house to wake the poor husband to jump my car, I scribbled that prayer as my status. 

Fortunately the church saw my prayer and overlooked any irreverence. And so Jesus, both in the body of Christ and himself, lent me a "freaking hand." A few gentle words and a stray check and a couple whispers from the Great Whisperer reset my heart. I am grateful God seems so patient with these sort of prayers.

I don't know about you, but my prayers aren't all that pretty. Maybe I didn't get the right "Prayer for Dummies" book. God seems to tolerate me and that is all that matters. Because I can't be anything but real. I seem to always be a diamond in the rough that never becomes the diamond.

Maybe when my life gets cleaned up so will my prayers. Or is it the other way around? Whatever it is, I do believe our Father would rather hear from me in my messiness than wait until I have it all cleaned up. 'Cause only God knows when that will happen, anyway!


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