What in the World

This is me and my SUV on the way to camp. And I feel just as I look, a little terrified.

See, I am not sure how to do this. I hang out with these kids on Tuesday nites at youth group, interact on FB and at church, but I feel woefully inadequate to be any type of Christian role model. But these kids, well, don't tell them I said so (which is why I am writing this FROM camp where they won't even see this post on my FB), they are amazing. They are funny and quirky and brave and beautiful, inside and out. All of them. Not just the "cool" kids. 

I am privileged to hang with them. I love being picked on and being nicknamed and being a confidant and co-conspirator. I pray for them every time my head bows. 

Being connected to them somehow reflects my Father to me. I don't know what it is exactly. But there is this silly holy space that fills the awkwardness. I am amazed not just by them, but by God. Again. By what he wants for them. For what he desires for them. And that he wants that for me, too.


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