Armchair QB: Transformation

Gideon still won't let me alone. He follows me around, pointing to examples in the experiences around me, in conversations, in literature, in movies. This weekend as I was watching the Matrix, Gideon began jumping off the screen:

"Don't think you are. Know you are." Morpheus says to Neo during training.

"He's beginning to believe...." Morpheus explaining Neo's choice to stay and fight rather than run from Agent Smith.

Gideon, Mr. Anderson/Neo, even I have been called to be someone else.

Gideon was called out of farm work by an Angel of The Lord who called him "Mighty Warrior." Mr. Anderson/Neo, a computer hacker was freed by Morpheus who explained that he was "the One." And me? Well, nothing as dramatic, but certainly I was freed when God called me his "Daughter."

Being called out of one's past is only the first step tho. At some point we "begin to believe" because we start acting out of the new identity.

Neo chose to face the enemy agent instead of run. Gideon tore down his father's altar. I tore down my own.

Stepping into our new identity is the evidence that we believe. There is a saying, you don't do better until you know better. There is excitement in seeing the transformation happen when an individual acts on their true, and sometimes new, identity. Only in my true identity can I find my purpose.

When I believed  my identity was "lost" and "hopeless" and "crazy," I could not act out of an identity of "compassionate" and "creative" and "leader." When my identity changes, so do my actions as I take on my true purpose.  I am transformed.


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